What's In a Name?

I have been exploring changing my own name.  Exploring.  Not insisting.  Not declaring.  Turns out that doesn't really work so well.  I love the name that I chose for myself, but it turns out that I am pretty attached to the name that people have been calling me for all these years I have been on the earth.  My friends and family seem pretty attached to it as well.  When someone asks me what my name is, I like to have an answer, a clear answer.  So, I am going to follow the easier path and stick with it, despite the fact that I never felt like my given name quite suits me.  I guess that I can live with a little incongruity.

However, I have no such attachment to the name of this blog.  And no argument can be made that it actually suits the material presented.  So,  because I can, for the next month, I will be changing the name of this blog daily.  

You can determine whether it still smells as sweet.

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