Lost in Translation

This morning, I visited Babelfish. If you have never tried it out, it is a very fun and only a wee bit useful program that translates text into other languages.  Foreign language teachers have strict rules against their students using the translator.  You will soon see why.  I took my recent  post "Bad News" and translated into a few other languages.  Then I translated the translations back into English.  Here is the original, in case you missed it:

I found out in school today, that once someone becomes a licensed massage therapist, it is illegal for them to massage an animal.  The good news is that they can still pet their dog or cat.  
The bad news is that once I get my massage license, I will have to give up my squirrel massage business.

And here are the various translations.  Enjoy them.  I did.

English to German, back to English:

I found at school today, that once, someone the authorized Massagetherapeut become out, it am invalid, so that they mass an animal. The good messages are that they know pet still their dog or cat. The bad messages are that, as soon as I mean Massagelizenz receive I must give up my Eichhörnchenmassagegeschäft.

English to Italian, back to English:

I have uncovered today to school, that one someone becomes once that an authorized terapista of massage, it is illegal so that they massages an animal. The good news is that their dog or cat still can pet. The defective news is that once that I obtain my authorization of massage, I will have to give in on my commerce of massage of the scoiattolo.

English to French, back to English:

J' discovered with l' school aujourd' today, that once quelqu' one becomes an authorized therapeutist of massage, he is illegal for qu' they mass an animal. The good news is qu' they can still cherish their dog or cat. The bad news is qu' once j' obtain my licence of massage, I will have to give up my businesses of massage d' squirrel.

English to Japanese, back to English:

As for me in the school, way that those can massage the animal, you become the medical therapy loyal retainer of the massage which is approved, illegal today which that is you inspected one time someone. Good news is still to be possible to love the dog or the cat. As for bad news if I obtain my massage license, as for me massage business of my lith must be abandoned, gently is.

And finally, English to Dutch, back to English:

I came today in school, namely that as soon as a someone license given massage therapist becomes, it for them illegitimate is mass an animal. The good news is that they still house animal are possible their dog or cat. The bad news is that as soon as I get my massage license I my matter of the squirrel massage will have give up.

Have fun reading! Feel free to pass these scrawlings on, but make sure to give credit. This is copyrighted material.

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