A Message to My Followers

Valentine's Day is almost over.  It was such a fun packed, extraordinary day and I was just about to go to bed when I realized that I almost let the day slip by without publicly wishing my followers a happy Valentine's Day!  

I know that we spent the entire day together, and I wished you all a happy Valentine's Day when I gave you your gifts.  I know that you were surprised by my generosity and you said that it wasn't necessary for me to give you such nice things, but I just had to do something special for you, followers.  After all, you have been the most loyal, wonderful, undemanding, best looking followers around.

Seriously.  Look over to the right.  Look at that bunch of handsome people.  You just couldn't get a group of people together that would be cooler than you guys.

Followers, did you get the chocolate and the flowers I had delivered?  I bet you were surprised when you got home!  Wish I could have seen the looks on your faces!   Aren't you so glad that you decided to follow?  I bet all those other people, the non-followers, are going to want to be followers now, but we know that you were one of the first, and that will always make you special to me.  

On other blogs, followers are just a bunch of thumbnail photos with user names that pop up if you hover over them, but here, followers get the special treatment they deserve.   

So Happy Valentine's Day, you followers you!  And mark your calendars, because, as we discussed today, we are all going to hang out together again on April Fool's Day and play tricks on the non-followers.  I can't wait!

Have fun reading! Feel free to pass these scrawlings on, but make sure to give credit. This is copyrighted material.

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