A Day In a Blogger's Life- Part One

6:00- Rise and shine.  Morning yoga to prepare for blogging.

7:00- Breakfast.  Protein shake breakfast with raw eggs, to give that extra energy that blogging requires.

7:15- Check blog stats.  Subscriber number is down.  Shake head and wonder why, oh why are subscribers so fickle?  

7:16  Become hellbent on determining what subscribers really want. Check out dogpile's searchspy to see what people are searching for. 

Search reveals following:

Jessica Simpson
free movies
Cat's in the Cradle drug reference
cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 4
make your own Easter cards
natural attic insulation
What rhymes with orange

7:30 Decide to write a post with the terms Jessica Simpson, free movies, Cat's in the Cradle drug reference, cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 4, make your own Easter cards, natural attic insulation, what rhymes with orange and youporn liberally sprinkled throughout in an effort to attract more traffic to blog.  Briefly consider your integrity, then abandon it and get down to writing.

7:32 Call in sick to work.  Blogging is more important and soon, when you are discovered, you will not need a day job anymore.  This can only happen if you devote more time to writing.

7:35 Realize that there is no rhyme for "orange."  Feel dejected.  Sadly realize that this post is going to be harder than you think.

7:40  Read other people's blogs to see what they are writing about.  Follow links until you are deep into internet land.  Come to sudden and sober realization that you have spent almost one full hour playing kitten wars.

10:50 Break time.  Enjoy a cup of your homemade chai.  Fantasize about your own chai beverage line of products with catch phrase, "Better than the crap you are drinking."  Calculate money to be made from t-shirt sales alone.

11:15  Start thinking about lunch

To be continued

Have fun reading! Feel free to pass these scrawlings on, but make sure to give credit. This is copyrighted material.

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