A Day In a Blogger's Life- Part Two

Continuation of A Day In a Blogger's Life- Part One 

11:30-  Head to kitchen.

11:40-  Grab a bowl full of cheezy crackers and sit back down at computer.  Feel good about the fact that it is precisely this kind of self sacrifice that separates your blog from the rest of those other three-square-meal-a-day blogs.   Laugh to self about all those other bastards eating their tomato soup, green salad and demi baguettes for lunch.  That sounds delicious and all, but it makes one wonder how they can possibly write quality posts with those spoons in their hands.  


11:45-  Start to daydream about starting another first rate blog, this one featuring tips for the budding blogger.  Kick-off post would be a review of different types of cheezy crackers and other snacks you can eat right at the computer.  

11:59- Pull self out of daydream.  Remember task at hand.  Start research for post.   Look at websites featuring Jessica Simpson, free movies, Cat's in the Cradle drug reference, natural attic insulation, cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 4, make your own Easter cards, what rhymes with orange and youporn.  Spend extra time researching youporn.

12:00- Decide to put new post on back burner in order to follow a new direction.  After all, blogs need more than good writing.  Decide that it is time to pimp your blog.   The sophisticated subscriber, after all, demands both function and form.   

12:05-  Look through blog.  Look at other people's blogs.  Look at your blog again.  Read over all your posts.  Keep looking at blog.  Look at blog some more.   Ask yourself questions. What is it that this blog needs?   What is that secret stylistic element that it lacks?  Pictures?  No.  A new layout?  No, not it.  But what?  Walk around house, carrying laptop, staring into screen, reading and re-reading every post.  Sit down dejectedly, head in hands...

4:59-  Eureka!  You've got it!  

5:00-  Comb through blog and add more exclamation points.  Lots more.  

5:05-  Sit back and admire your work.

5:06-  Start thinking about dinner.

To be continued!

Have fun reading! Feel free to pass these scrawlings on, but make sure to give credit. This is copyrighted material.

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