This Proud Moment In Parenting Brought To You By the Fine People At Blogger

Having a teenage son is full of challenging moments in parenting. But recently, my son, Edric, said something to me that made me beam with pride! Straight A's, you wonder? An after school job? Did he tell me that he thought that it would be good if he started taking responsibility and giving back to the community by volunteering at the children's hospital on weekends?


Last night Edric turned to me and announced, "Mom. I am going to start my own humor blog."

Humor blog? Be still my heart. I must be doing something right.

Join me in welcoming Edric to this elite universe, available only to the select few who have procured the elusive Google account. And what better time is there? For, as Edric begins his journey, he will be fortunate to have the loving guidance of his elders, something that was not afforded to us trail blazers who had to go it alone, learning as we went, way back in the early years.

So this is for you, Edric. As you begin this new venture, I offer you the following hard won advice-
  1. Come up with a good title right off the bat. It is confusing for your readers when you end up changing your blog's name, like every single day, for instance.

  2. Try not to care if anyone reads your blog. Seriously, just try.

  3. Hire Edna to edit. She is looking for a different gig anyhow.

  4. Respond to comments. Don't freak out when someone comments like I used to do. The first time I got a comment from someone I didn't know, I crawled under my bed and didn't come out for a day. What do you mean strangers are reading this stuff?

  5. Don't write about anything that will hurt, offend or cause a restraining order to be filed against you...Ask permission or disguise that story about your relative or co-worker as an allegorical tale featuring woodland creatures. And that thing you were going to post about your mother? Think again, Young Grasshopper, think again.

  6. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal. This is just plain good advice.

  7. Use pictures. They sure jazz up the joint.

  8. Read other people's work. And try to read other stuff too, like books, for instance. Seriously, they can be good to read.

  9. Keep posting. Keep posting. Or is that keep coughing? I can never remember.

  10. As much as you will want to spend all your time on-line playing with your new bloggy friends, it is really important to do other things and connect with other people. It is important to have fleshy friends too.

  11. Stop at 10 when you make any sort of a list. It's convention for a reason. You don't have to get all creative with everything.

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