Just Another Conversation Over Coffee In the Stinglash Household

Another transcript of a real conversation that took place this morning in the Sondra Stinglash household.

Person 1: That's my coffee mug.

Person 2: It's mine. I have squatter's rights. Besides, you never drink out of this mug.

Person 1: That's because MY MUG is never available.

Person 2: You drink your coffee out of a drinking glass.

Person 1: I am forced to. You have my tall mug. I like drinking my coffee from tall drinking vessels, so I use a glass.

Person 2: That's stupid.

Person 1: No it's not. It is very European.

Person 1: No it's not. It's stupid. You're stupid.

Person 2: No. You're stupid.

Person 1: No, you are.

Person 2: No, you are.

Person 1: You're so stupid that every day you have a date to go on a picnic with the Stupid Fairy.

Person 2: You're so stupid that you are the lead singer for the Idiot Island's Polka Band.

Person 1: Oh yeah. You're so stupid that you got a bad score on your SAT exam and had to go to a community college.

OK. So I took some liberties in the recording of this exchange. The word vessel was not really used. That would be a little pretentious.

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