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In honor of the one year anniversary of my entry into the blog-o-sphere, I did a google search for "Callithump Thunderblog." And here is a really puzzling, slightly scary post that I ran across. Its derivation is my Five Fascinating Facts post, but it reads as if it were translated into Russian and then translated back into English using a Bablefish translator. I think that the existence of this massacre of a piece of my writing means I have hit the big time. Get a load of this weird shit:

Callithump Thunderblog: Five Fascinating Facts

Now that I sire attracted such a kind following, on the intact (Double digits like my latest fun-sized monthly earnings!!!) my fans stalkers on the intact readers sire evolve into stiff-necked in their demands inasmuch as adverse information with notation to me. on the intact The questions not stopping-place. on the intact “Sondra Stinglash,” they wail, “You are such an complication! on the intact Tell us something, anything at all, that want aid us to see both your intricacy and adept!” on the intact It is a rare item to sire them all yelling in unison like that- affectionate of surreal, but I see that it comes with the bailiwick, so I put up with it. on the intact Here are 5 fascinating facts with notation to me that want aid uncover the secrets of Sondra Stinglash and as an added wonderful want also call as a advantageous adviser when you are disturbing upwards what to suborn inasmuch as me. And I want desire.

1. I had been so focused and had worked inasmuch as so have a yen for that I had not noticed that my source had gone to bed. on the intact I formerly fini 4 hours composition my handwriting, as an harry from the log Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. There I was, in a steady abode, on the intact sitting in a covert live subservient to my lamp, all no more than. The log was proper. on the intact Gazing upon the composition, I couldn’t elevated how cooked through I had done, inasmuch as someone who had not been olden handwriting to unholster earliest.

Drawing was all with notation to seeing, not with notation to manner. And then I noticed it. I had captured every double upwards, every crease, every short-listed for. The picture had six fingers.

Pretty much every facility I sire gotten upwards the odds year, I excitedly ref prearrange is an i-phone. 2. on the intact It doesn’t chance what measure assess the combine is.

If it is a actually piddling combine, I deem that it is anyone of those on the intact inflatable expandable i-phones that no has heard of still because it is so entirely latest. on the intact If it is a oustandingly combine, I aspect a figure in my concentration of on the intact cranny anyone combine fittings that contains a smaller combine fittings which contains a smaller combine fittings until I regain to the combine fittings with the i-phone. on the intact I regain entirely flustered, dizzy all but, and affectionate of blown away that someone would discharge me such an overpriced facility. This keeps charming position. on the intact And I influence, “You shouldn’t sire!” on the intact Then I free it and it is not an i-phone.

3. on the intact One should influence a utterance in its wholeness to some extent than using its dirty shortening. I sire a course against abbreviations. on the intact That is why I influence on the intact “gasoline,” “gymnasium,” and “cellular the horn,” at most to cite a not uncountable examples. on the intact These are professional words and they should be inured to.

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