Cat With Mouse

A friend posted this picture on my FB wall. In case you don't fully understand the humor, I will provide the following tutorial-

The picture depicts a cat who is commenting on a blog post. My blog post. The cat, upset that I would suggest petting a cat the wrong way, is "leavin rude commentz" for me, Sondra Stinglash, the bad ass.

This is funny for many reasons which I will now explain to you, in detail. First of all, the idea of a cat using a computer and typing a comment on a blog is very, very silly because as everyone knows cats lack opposable thumbs and human language skills. They can't use a computer. The personification of animals is an absurd concept that we humans universally find delightful. Plus we get a great big kick out of it. And that is what makes it funny. And here is something else that is funny. The cat in this picture has its paw on a mouse. Cats like to chase mice, as in little furry rodents. The controller thing is also called a mouse. So, it is funny, a cat with its paw on a mouse. It's like a play on words.

But what makes this picture really funny is the caption. We already established that the whole idea of a caption writing cat is funny, but this particular caption includes unconventional spelling. In the field of education, we like to call this "invented spelling." It is a developmental step that human children who posess opposable thumbs and language skills pass through as they learn to write. Invented spelling in and of itself is funny. It's cute. It is innocent and lovable and that is how we think of our pets, so it is only appropriate that a cat would spell that way. I can just imagine this cat asking, "Ms. Stinglash. How do you spell comments?" to which I would reply, "Just spell the sounds that you hear, Boots." Then, to make it even funnier, Boots writes a rude comment. This is also very funny because of the shock value. When kids or animals say rude things we don't expect it is funny. For example, one day in class a kid said to me, "Ms. Stinglash! Your feets stink." That actually wasn't funny, and I cried a little bit, but had it been on TV with a laugh track behind it, it would have been hilarious.

Of course, modern day texting has the masses stuck developmentally in the stage of invented spelling. Funny? Sad? U B the judge of that one. We can all agree, however, that when a cat does it, it's funny.

So there you have it. A cat is mad at me because of some commentz I made about petting cats backwards. I guess that makes me a true bad ass. Ms. CatLadyLarew over there at How To Be A Cat Lady Without the Cats and I seem to be in a bit of a bad ass contest. Never mind that she got thrown in jail for not actually drinking and that she stole my coveted picture that was given to ME for her own gains. I laughed about doing something that would cause a cute cuddly cat discomfort. And not only that, I continue to find it amusing. So there.

Go ahead and click on the teeny envelope icon and send this post to a friend. Don't be jerky and claim that you wrote it because I wrote it, damn it.

15 Response to "Cat With Mouse"

  • Skye Says:

    Just the pic alone was worth a good laugh! Thanks for visiting my place and leaving a comment :) Sorry you failed the test though!

  • Says:

    Dear Sondra,

    So, are you telling me that you condone "invented spelling" at the Sunshine Day School? How will the children ever learn to spell, let alone use good grammar if you allow that?

    And just for the record... I am just as badass as you. I haven't seen you in jail lately, inebriated OR sober. And so what if you pet cats the wrong way... I pet Hickory the Wonder Dog the wrong way just the other day. That's why he looks like he has a bad toupee.

    I'd say the badass gauntlet has been thrown. And you can't complain about me stealing your LOLZ cat picture because I gave you CREDIT! That's not stealing, that's doing some pimping for you, so actually you owe me some money for that.

    So go on... give me your best shot!


  • Ann Imig Says:

    Just when I thought nothing more could be said about LOLCATS you hit me with this brilliance.

    Great post.

  • Jewel Says:

    One of my students told me I had a moustache, which was unfortunate because I possess two X chromosomes and, last I checked, nary a Y.

    I felt a bit crushed. I couldn't even be mad at her, b/c she was one of those kids who say things that are honest yet completely lacking in tact. So I went home and contemplated my reflection in the mirror, and concluded that although I really did NOT have a moustache, in a certain kind of light, it looked like I might. Pigment I tell you, it was pigment!

  • NJ Pigno Says:

    Skye- That test was hard! And I had taken it before! Thanks for visiting my humble blog-abode!

    CatLady- There is a FB group called "The Sunshine Day School May Or May Not Have Ruined My Life" dedicated to exactly that. As for the Bad Ass Contest- let's call it a truce and challenge those other Bad Ass Bloggers to a little contest. What do you say? I feel another blog party coming on.

    Ann's Rants- Wow! You used the word "brilliance" when referring to my post. I think I have a new best friend! Thanks for the visit!

    Jewel- I made the feet stink line up to be funny. No kid has ever said anything insulting to me except for the time when I had red marks all over my feet because I was studying pressure points of the feet and they thought I was bleeding and they were freaked out. But don't feel bad. Your face is fine.

  • Says:

    A truce and a challenge... I could go for that. After all... you're so badass, Ann called you brilliant!
    I'm impressed. I'm more badass in a stupid sort of way.

  • NJ Pigno Says:

    CatLady- It's as good as done then. We shall have our secret meeting and scheme it up! Don't tell anyone, but I am probably more of a smart ass than a bad ass.

  • Unknown Says:

    I think the cat looks serious. oh hell we both know he looks propped up with bad spelling around it. I loved the post.

  • Kurt Says:

    I had previously felt the subtle nuances and intricacies of the "LOLCATZ" were beyond my ability to grasp. Thank you whole heartedly for this explanation. I get it now. The CAT can't TYPE or SPELL! HAHAHAHA!!

  • Says:

    I understand that you are unable to say "asterisk" even once, let alone five times in a row.

  • Anonymous Says:

    That cat must be really peeved it is also poking it's tongue at you! I tried to be bad ass to my cat, as suggested by YOU ... doctor says there should be no scarring but will take months to heal! Go sell your bad assing somewhere else :) That's worth a de-friending on Facebook!

  • Girl Tornado Says:

    Cats are so badass to begin with, aren't they? I love those LOLZ cat cartoons. There's another website that has those cartoons, with dogs and other animals too, something about Icanlovecheeseburger? I can't remember the website, although my sister has it bookmarked... that would be my late 40-ish brain kicking in, or not kicking in??

    Thanks for popping by my blog and yes, I DO love our big open skies! :)

  • MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings Says:

    OMG, I am so glad that I discovered your blog thanks to our mutual blogosphere friend,
    Quirkyloon, and her love of zombies, which drew you to my site, eliciting a return search for you by me, and....Good
    God, that's one long-ass run-on sentence, isn't it?

    Look, in short, you write well and you're funny, as this post the other four I just read prove. Not that I'm the world's blog critic, but I am, because I just named myself the world's LEADING blog critic, and that settles it. You're very good, and I'm glad I found you.

  • NJ Pigno Says:

    Hey! How did all these commentz get here? Sorry folks. I have been remiss.

    ettarose- Yeah. We all know that it is just a propped up cat with bad spelling, but we love it just the same, don't we?

    Kurt- Do not feel bad. You are not alone. This is sophisticated humor and that is precisely why I provided the tutorial.

    frigginloon- That might explain why there was a mass exodus of my FB friends shortly after this post, and the law suit as well.

    OzGirl- I think this is why I like cats so much- their bad-ass-ability. I am jealous, to be quite honest.

    MikeWJ- It is settled. You are the world's leading blog critic. I support you in naming yourself as such. Just as long as you keep liking my blog, you can keep that title. Thanks for the visit and the kind words!

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