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In these difficult economic times, Callithump Thunderblog recognizes that it is not enough to provide first rate humorous anecdotes and hilarious commentary. We realize that what the typical reader really needs are ouch-less money saving strategies.

Look no further. You have come to the right place. Here is one such tip, something that will not only save you tons of money, but it is fun to do as well.

Here is what you do. Assemble the recipes together to create a delicious dinner menu. Write each ingredient on a separate piece of paper. Then add two other items to each piece of paper, so each resembles a list. Are you with me?

Here is an example:

1) pencil

2) Two 16 ounce cans of imported Italian plum tomatoes

3) paper clip

Find a group of people. Then, give each paper to a different person and tell them that, "We are having a scavenger hunt," and that they have to go door to door to get their items as in,

"I'm on a scavenger hunt and I was wondering if I can have a paper towel, 4 ounces thinly sliced procuitto, and a twist tie."

Set a timer and tell them to hurry, hurry, hurry. First person to collect their items and bring them back to you wins the prize. The prize is a cooking lesson under your tutelege!


This is a very good idea. You get to eat a delicious dinner for free and you get to have someone else cook it. And scavenger hunts are fun, so it is a win-win for all involved, not just the first one back. People love going on scavenger hunts and they love helping other people who are on scavenger hunts.

"Two ramekins of crème brûlée, did you say, coconut infused? No problem! Here you go! Good luck with your scavenger hunt! Bye now!"

But just to play it safe, don't do this in your own neighborhood because your neighbors might be weirdos who are prejudiced against enormous amounts of fun.

I think it would work well with children. That is what I recommend, anyway because children love to play games. But if you do it with kids, put them in teams so that they have a buddy. It will be safer for them that way. But if you do that you will need twice as many kids. So, the team thing is totally optional.

If you do use kids you can let them keep the pencils, ballpoint pen caps, paper clips, coffee filters and twist ties. Kids love that stuff. And they will want to play again and again.

So pretty much this is a perfect plan. No more grocery shopping for you tonight! You can just sit back and let your ingredients come to you. It's better than FreshDirect even, because it is free.

And, in case you are wondering why I know what FreshDirect is, it is because I am totally going to move to NYC, so I have to know about NY stuff like that.

I realize that moving to NYC is not a money saving tip. It is more like a really great personal fantasy of mine, that is, in reality, a money draining tip. I just really want to move there. If not forever, then at least for a year. I feel that it would make me a stronger person.

I told a friend of mine that once. That exact thing. I told her that I wanted to live in New York City for a year and that I thought it would make me stronger.

She responded, "Why not just get cancer? It would be cheaper."

And here is another money saving tip. Take candy from babies. It's easy and you will save tons of money on candy.

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18 Response to "Money Saving Tips"

  • Summer Says:

    It all sounds very Oliver Twistish. Me surrounded by pickpocketing, I mean scavenger hunting children.

  • f8hasit Says:

    I love it.
    Don't think I'll do it, but love it all the same.

    Hey, I left an award for you at my blog. C'mon over and get it!

  • Marie Says:

    That's great. I put a link to it on my blog ( I liked it so much. Hmmm... I wonder if it would work.

  • Kurt Says:

    People always think cancer is a money-saver, but it's really more of a TIME saver.

  • Nanodance Says:

    Summer- Sounds good, don't it?

    f8hasit- You're missing out! A friend of mine scored a postage stamp, a sticky note and a fillet mignon. An award? Wow! Thank you so much. I will be over soon!

    Marie- Thanks so much! Will it work? I am sure it would work because of the fact that it is flawless. Yep, flawless.

    Kurt- There goes that plan. Back to the dream of moving to NYC.

  • marinik Says:

    love your humor :))
    thanks for stopping at my corner and deciding to follow my little blog

  • Optimistic Pessimist Says:

    I did this when I was a kid. I was hungry and there was no food in the house. I went around the neighborhood with a friend pretending I was on a scavenger hunt. Works pretty well and people are generally excited to help out.

  • Skye Says:

    Oh now that sounds like fun! I'm moving out of town and into the country for the first of Dec. I think this scavenger hunt would be a great way to supply supper on nights after work and moving a load or two :D

  • tera Says:

    Wow, that sounds like fun! I may have to have a dinner party, I mean scavenger hunt, next week!

  • linlah Says:

    I'm having people over for dinner on Friday I might try it out on them.

  • Nanodance Says:

    Marinik- Thanks. I like your little blog, in fact, I thought I had been following it all along. Then I figured out I wasn't and I fixed the problem.

    OP- Great minds think alike.

    Skye- Agreed. Let me know how it goes. Good luck with your move, BTW.

    Tera- Enjoy! Your guests will be so happy when they arrive and find out that they get to go on a scavenger hunt! "And I thought this was just a dinner party!"

    Linlah- You simply must. It will totally work.

  • Jen Says:

    I'm making my list right now.

    2 16 oz steaks
    bottle cap

    Magnum bottle of Pinot Grigio
    pencil eraser

    I love this idea!

  • Nanodance Says:

    Jen- Better put this kids in teams. Kids are kind of weak and the magnum bottle of wine is going to be heavy.

  • CatLadyLarew Says:

    I'm not giving out any ramekins of creme brulee to scavenger hunters in my neighborhood unless I'm invited to your house for dinner.

  • Madame DeFarge Says:

    I shall embark upon this adventure this very weekend. I shall be well-fed and entirely rejected by all my neighbours. Which may be no bad thing.

  • Nanodance Says:

    CatLady- OK. It's a deal.

    Madame DeFarge- Your neighbors are the kind who are prejudiced against having boatloads of fun I see.

  • Boris G. Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • K a b l o o e y Says:

    You're one funny babe. Love the scavenger hunt idea, as well as the taking candy from babies, except that babies NEVER have the good dark chocolate. Never.
    Also, I grew up in NYC and I can't imagine how weak I'd be if this is strong. Or something like that. I think if NYC is your norm, then moving to a small midwestern town would be make you stronger too.

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