There's no such thing as a free hug

I hugged this guy. Well maybe not this guy, but it was a guy with a sign just like his. And a woman too. I hugged her. I was walking down the sidewalk in Times Square and when I saw the free hugs signs I jumped up and down with excitement and then ran and gave them both enthusiastic hugs. My family was all like, "Sondra Stinglash! What are you doing? Hugging a stranger?" But I was all like, "It's the FREE HUGS movement!! Don't you people watch youtube?" Then there was some eye rolling and someone said, "Whatever," and then I went ahead and enjoyed my free hug. And it was a great moment in the life of Sondra Stinglash. One of the best.

Or so I thought.

Come to find out that you get what you pay for.

Some great hug huh? Turns out my hug was just a second rate, hate filled, smelly hippy crap-hug. And I liked it! Now I feel violated and a little bit scarred for life. Free hug, my ass. My therapy bills are going to be through the roof. And I blame my family. After all, they should have protected me.

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16 Response to "There's no such thing as a free hug"

  • Veronica Says:

    Oh, my gosh, that is so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Imnotbenny Says:

    That was the funniest video I have seen in a long time- awesome!

    I am so digging on your coolness for going and getting a free hug!

  • Boris G. Says:

    Just when I think you've lost yer "funny" Sondra snaps back and satirizes a bodywork blog! This is awesome!

  • Gwen Says:

    I was slayed by the lady at the end. Hilarious.

  • CatLadyLarew Says:

    I wonder how much the return customer got for her $20. Was your hug that good?

  • John Says:

    Are you angry that you got a cheap knockoff hug? As if it were from a guy on the streets who you can buy a Rolex or should I say Fauxlex for $50 bucks? Or are you angry at yourself for accepting the cheap knockoff hug and liking it because you simply weren't aware that the "Deluxe Hug" even existed? Either way, I think your feelings are valid and I would probably feel violated too.

  • Nanodance Says:

    Imnotbenny- We are in complete agreement. It is a great video. And yes, I am pretty damn cool for getting those free hugs.

    Veronica- You are very welcome.

    Boris- Lost my funny? Sometimes it goes on hiatus, but it always seems to come back.

    Gwen- I know. Me too.

    CatLady- I didn't even get the deluxe hug, not to mention the $20.00 hug.

    John- All of the above. Thank you for so succinctly summarizing my feelings. This will save me lots of time in therapy.

  • rxBambi Says:

    Bwahahahaha! Loved the video!

    I became a pharmacist because I wanted to go to med school but I don't like touching people. No free hugs for me, or even $2.00 hugs.


  • gayle Says:

    I had seen that before but it was still funny the 2nd time around!!

    Not sure I want to hug a stranger though (I guess I am like your family ?!!)

  • Freakin' Charlie Says:

    I got a hug from Sandra, Sonya, Sondra, Snidley or whatever her real name is tonight........and on the 7th hug I rested.

    PS: She is cool.

  • Nanodance Says:

    rxBambi- I never thought of that before. Now that I know that all pharmacists are touch-a-phobic, I am going totally hug my pharmacist the next time I need to pick up a prescription.

    Gayle- I had never seen it before I found it to post- but I have watched it quite a few times in the last few days. And remember, strangers are only friends you haven't met yet.

    Dear Freakin' Charlie,

    I will send you the bill for the hug later.


    Sondra Stinglash

    P.S. I think you meant "freakin' cool," but I'll let it slide.

  • Boris G. Says:

    So Sandra so too, gives deluxe and expensive hugs, is there no end to the rampant capitalism in the country.First no "happy endings" on massages, now expensive hugs!

  • idifficult Says:

    Is that $2 before or after tax? Just need to know.

  • MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings Says:

    It's like my pappy said: Nothing in life that's free is ever worth having.

  • Nanodance Says:

    Boris- My hugs are worth it.

    idifficult- After.

    Mike WJ- Your pappy was a very wise man.

  • Madame DeFarge Says:

    That's why I avoid all forms of physical contact. Far cheaper. And less sweaty.

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