There's no such thing as a free hug

I hugged this guy. Well maybe not this guy, but it was a guy with a sign just like his. And a woman too. I hugged her. I was walking down the sidewalk in Times Square and when I saw the free hugs signs I jumped up and down with excitement and then ran and gave them both enthusiastic hugs. My family was all like, "Sondra Stinglash! What are you doing? Hugging a stranger?" But I was all like, "It's the FREE HUGS movement!! Don't you people watch youtube?" Then there was some eye rolling and someone said, "Whatever," and then I went ahead and enjoyed my free hug. And it was a great moment in the life of Sondra Stinglash. One of the best.

Or so I thought.

Come to find out that you get what you pay for.

Some great hug huh? Turns out my hug was just a second rate, hate filled, smelly hippy crap-hug. And I liked it! Now I feel violated and a little bit scarred for life. Free hug, my ass. My therapy bills are going to be through the roof. And I blame my family. After all, they should have protected me.

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