Dear Students

Dear Students,

As you well know, the Department of Movement and Dance requires journal writing of all its students. The journal writing experience is designed in order to allow opportunity for students to take the material we have learned in class and explore it intellectually. Journal writing based on embodied experience prompts deep and insightful thinking and provide a vehicle for discovery that is unmatched in other courses.

However, because of increasing enrollment, the volume of papers I have to grade has become astronomical, taking time away from my important daily activities including feeding my son, writing my blog posts and doing my Sweating to the Oldies tapes. Because of this, effective immediately, your journal writing assignments will be replaced by multiple choice journals. The quality of your education, however, will not be compromised, as these new multiple choice journals have been carefully designed to retain the intellectual rigor of the "old school" written journals that they will replace.

See the following sample multiple choice journal entry:

Pick the statement that best describes your reaction to the movement experiences we explored in class.

a. The movement exercises that we did today in class made me feel connected with the other students, the world and every living thing. Through dance I experience the universality of the human experience. We all breathe the same breath, our hearts beat the same rhythm. I feel at peace.

b. The movement exercises that we did in class made me understand that how we treat our bodies and how we treat the planet are related. This connection blew me away. I now understand that improving my posture is one small step toward healing the earth.

c. The movement exercises that we did in class made me feel kind of fat.

d. All of the above.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the new format.


Professor Stinglash

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3 Response to "Dear Students"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Can I order one of these tests for my Shakespeare and Marxism class?

  • Says:

    Dear Department of Movement and Dance,

    I read with interest your new journaling format. Here's my response...

    c. Most everything I do makes me feel kinda fat.

    Cat Lady

  • Chris Says:

    Since I'm new to your blog, it took me a second to realize you were kidding. This, of course, made it even funnier.

    How about this? Instead of a journal, have all your students create their own blog, have everyone "follow" each other, and collaborate on how each post should be "rated".

    Think of the time you'd save!


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