A Message From The Sunshine Day School

Dear Families,

Here at  The Sunshine Day School, our holistic approach to education includes a deep concern for the social, emotional, and intellectual well being of your child.  We have observed that what the children eat for snacks and lunch has a profound effect on their learning and behavior here at school.   Halloween is a time of year when it might be tempting to bring unhealthy snacks to school.  With that in mind we would like to remind you of The Sunshine Day School policy for snacks and lunch.

1.  No candy or soda is allowed at school.

2.  Whole grains are preferred over white flour products. 

3. Be mindful of the allergies of your child's classmates- no peanut butter, tree nuts, egg products, or shell fish products here at school please.

4.  No sugary snacks.  Although there are many sugar substitutes to choose from, including maple syrup, honey and stevia, we discourage their use at school, because they set the stage for developing a preference for sweetened food rather than fostering a love of natural unadulterated flavor.  We encourage you to think as we do and consider these substances for what they really are: gateway sweeteners.  Their use puts your child at a significantly higher risk for future experimentation with chemical sweeteners such as Aspertame and Splenda as well as abuse of illicit sweeteners including the mainlining of high fructose corn syrup.

5.  Unless your child is of bovine decent, we will allow no cow milk products at school.  We encourage you to instead provide yogurt and cheese lovingly made from your own breast milk.

6.  All fruits and vegetable waste will be composted.  Seeds will be saved and planted in school garden.  Ingested seeds, such as those from strawberries, will be excreted via bowel movement, as mother nature intended, into an appropriate spot in our garden.  Parents need to be aware that if the child's bowel movement occurs after school hours, it is their responsibility to consult garden map to determine exact drop location.

7.  We encourage our families to provide local sustainably grown food for their child's snacks or lunches.  Better yet, consider growing or gathering your own food.  We understand that this is easier to do during the warmer months but would like to point out that when gathering proves impractical, hunting provides a viable option.   Squirrels and plump birds that stick around because they are dependent on the bird seed we provide for them are plentiful during the winter months.  We also encourage you to take advantage of the veritable smorgasbord of road kill available almost all year round.  Small animals that your child has tortured and killed are also acceptable.   If your child chooses to bring in the ever popular "Rodent on a Stick" for snack, make sure that the stick is either reusable or made from an easily renewable resource such as bamboo or a piece of whole wheat spaghetti.

Have a very happy Halloween.  We so appreciate your cooperation and as always it is an honor to educate your child.


                                                               The Sunshine Day School


Concernus Gravis Politicus

Definition:   a sudden and overwhelming urge to interrupt a conversation with a soliloquy directed toward and expressing concern for someone who is not present, namely a plumber named Joe.  

Etiology:  Poorly understood.  Possibly related to Tourret's Syndrome.  Often associated with feelings of extreme desperation. Widely considered to be a side-effect of selling one's soul to the devil.  CGP is recognized as a component of McMaverick Syndrome, a rare but complex and pernicious disorder characterized by wildly erratic behavior consistent with  being a cranky sore-head.  

Signs/Symptoms:  Sudden onset of the appearance of a great concern for one particular individual in the plumbing profession.  Frequent verbal  reassurance is given and promises made to this person, delivered as if the person were actually there in the room.      Frightening pathology as attacks indicate irreversibility of disease.  Once this stage is reached symptoms  increase with alarming severity and frequency.   

Treatment:  no known treatment.  

I am so political!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out, in this election season, just how serious I am about taking my responsibility as a civic minded American to get involved in the very political fabric of our nation.  

I am a very politically active person.

While many people just sit on their duffs and complain about the direction that this country has taken, I actually do something about it.  And I don't mean just following the news and having meaningful discourse with other concerned citizens.  What I am talking about here goes way beyond talk.   I walk the walk.

Evidence.  As soon as Sarah Palin became the Republican candidate for vice president, instead of sitting idly by, I did something about it.  I immediately joined the Facebook group, "Intelligent Women Against Sarah Palin."  As impressive as that move was, I didn't stop there.  Within a week's time I had also joined, "Sarah Palin hates Polar Bears," and "Excuse me, but has anyone else noticed that Sarah Palin is insane?"

Most people, less politically involved than I, would stop there, but I cannot rest when our very future hangs in the balance.  Political apathy is what has gotten this country into this mess.  In order to bring about change, we must become a nation of maverick political activists.  Evidence.  At the same time I was  writing this very blog, I was also joining the group, "I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin."  

I am seriously considering joining the group, "A Vote For Sarah Palin is Not a Vote For Women's Rights,"  but I realize, that as focused and committed as I am, that I am only one person with a finite supply of energy and time.  I mustn't spread myself too thin. 

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