I am so political!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out, in this election season, just how serious I am about taking my responsibility as a civic minded American to get involved in the very political fabric of our nation.  

I am a very politically active person.

While many people just sit on their duffs and complain about the direction that this country has taken, I actually do something about it.  And I don't mean just following the news and having meaningful discourse with other concerned citizens.  What I am talking about here goes way beyond talk.   I walk the walk.

Evidence.  As soon as Sarah Palin became the Republican candidate for vice president, instead of sitting idly by, I did something about it.  I immediately joined the Facebook group, "Intelligent Women Against Sarah Palin."  As impressive as that move was, I didn't stop there.  Within a week's time I had also joined, "Sarah Palin hates Polar Bears," and "Excuse me, but has anyone else noticed that Sarah Palin is insane?"

Most people, less politically involved than I, would stop there, but I cannot rest when our very future hangs in the balance.  Political apathy is what has gotten this country into this mess.  In order to bring about change, we must become a nation of maverick political activists.  Evidence.  At the same time I was  writing this very blog, I was also joining the group, "I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin."  

I am seriously considering joining the group, "A Vote For Sarah Palin is Not a Vote For Women's Rights,"  but I realize, that as focused and committed as I am, that I am only one person with a finite supply of energy and time.  I mustn't spread myself too thin. 

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