How Nice Of You To Stop By!!!

Hello!  Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by Appropos of Nothing.  Please make yourself at home.  Can I get you a cup of coffee?  Do you take cream and sugar?  Soy milk?  No problem!  It is no trouble at all.  I will be right back. 

I could have sworn that we had soy milk, but I couldn’t find any.  I only have regular milk.  Is that ok?

I didn’t realize that you had a dairy allergy.  I will run to the store.  No!  No!  Don’t be silly.  It is no trouble at all.  I will just shovel out the driveway and be on my way!  Better yet, I will use my cross country skis.  I have been needing an excuse to use them anyhow.  You sit tight.  Make yourself at home.  I will be right back.  It is no problem at all.  The store is only a few miles away.  No worries.  While you are waiting, just make yourself comfortable.  Poke around and read some posts why don’t you?  Can I get you a pillow for your back?  How about a stool to put your feet up?  You look a bit tired.   Just relax for a bit.  It will do you some good.


OK, then.  I will be back in a jiffy.


While I am gone, you can take a moment to read a really funny hamster story, or amuse yourself with my very first post from way back in the day.  Those were good times.  Enjoy…..



I’m back!  We lucked out!   At first it looked like they were out of soy milk, but I talked to the manager and helped him find a case way in the back.  It was actually lucky that we were back there at the time.  Turns out that the store was being robbed at gunpoint!  How about that for exciting? Here is your coffee.  Is it hot enough?  It may have cooled down a bit while I was gone. I was gone for longer than I expected.  It took a while to help all those people that the robbers had tied up. Let me heat your coffee up for you.  No, really, it is no problem.


Are you enjoying your Milano cookies?  I bought a few different kinds, because I am not sure what you like.  I got double chocolate, chocolate mint, dark chocolate, chocolate dipped, chocolate raspberry and eight or nine other kinds.  They are very good dipped in the coffee.  Be careful though.  I may have heated up the coffee a little too much.  You might want to let it cool a bit.  What?  Oh my, will you look at that?  I didn't even notice!  I must have spilled some coffee on myself when I took it out of the microwave.  It is blistering up pretty good, isn't it?


Hey!  Where are you going?  Don’t go yet! It gets so lonely here. Apropos of Nothing doesn’t get too many visitors!  Please don’t go.



Please stay.






OK then.  I understand.  You have things to do.  Of course.


Promise to come back.  You could even send a friend.  It would be nice to have a few more visitors.  You could subscribe even. It is really very easy.  Won’t take any time at all.  You could subscribe by feed or e-mail.  Not that I am complaining, but  the e-mail subscription option was kind of hard for me to set up.  I had to manually insert some strange looking text into my personal HTML.  That was a little frightening for me and it made me feel a bit dirty.  All I am saying is that it would be nice if someone actually used it.


I know it is too much to ask, but before you go, might you consider becoming a follower?  Do you see all those people to the right there?  Scroll until you see them.  See that group of particularly good looking people?  They are following.  Don’t they look cool there?  Don’t you want to be more like them?  


What’s that?  Is that what you heard?  That can’t be true.  I am pretty sure that all of them are following on their own accord.  I don’t think my parents are paying them.  Where did you hear that?  I am pretty sure that it is just a rumor.


No! No! Stop!  You don’t have to wash your cup!  You are my guest!  Leave it right there!  OK.  OK.  You can put it in the sink.  But that’s it.  I will wash it later.  OK, then.  It was really nice having you.  Please come back.  You are welcome anytime.  Anytime at all.




Oh!  Your coat!  Of course!  Silly me!  I will be right back.  Forgive me.  I am moving a little slowly.  Sprained ankle.  Not used to the cross country skiing.  Need more practice is all.  OK then.  Here you go.  Nice coat by the way.  Looks nice and warm.  And the color looks great on you.


Bye now.  Be careful.  Don’t slip on the walk.  I may have dislocated my shoulder when I fell coming back from the store.  I don’t want that to happen to you!  Promise me you will be careful.


OK.  Bye!  Bye now!  See you later!



This is copyrighted material, Buster! So, make sure you give credit where credit is due.

2 Response to "How Nice Of You To Stop By!!!"

  • Says:

    I appear to be missing my wallet. I fear I may have left it at your home when I last visited. No.... Please don't feel you have to return it. I really don't want to put you out. No, really! Just let me know and I'll pick it up myself when I am over your way next week. What's that? You're on your way out the door? NO! DON'T DO THAT! IT'S NOT WORTH IT! NO.... GO BACK! Why am I hearing sirens? Is that smoke I smell? .......

    So... what kind of flowers do you like? I'd be happy to stop by and let the cat out while you're in the hospital. And clean up the blood off the driveway. (Although the snow has covered it up pretty well.) I'm sure the fire that started because of the pan left on the burning stove will not keep you from using the remaining rooms of your house when you return. Good thing you were planning on going to Kansas for the holidays anyway. I just hope you get out of the hospital in time to make your flight. Let me know if I can do anything for you... I'll await your call....

  • NJ Pigno Says:

    This post was written before Callithump Thunderblog had its official name change. Knowing that I wanted to start a blog, I thought about the name for months and nothing came to me. The lack of a name was holding me up. So, I decided to open a book to a random page and name my blog the first thing that I pointed to, so I could start writing already. That happened to be "All Akimbo," so I set up shop as All Akimbo, but soon changed it to Apropos of Nothing which I also found by the random pointing method and liked a wee bit better. A wee bit better proved not good enough.

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