Difficult Times

Dear Spleen,

We would like to thank you for your loyal service for the past several decades.  You have been a  reliable and hard working part of our organization.  Unfortunately, the recent financial crisis has forced us to re-evaluate our way of doing things, to do some soul searching, if you will.  We have decided that, in order to remain truly competitive, our organization will need  restructuring.  As you are aware, we recently circulated a questionnaire.  We have had a chance to analyze the results and found that the majority of those surveyed were not aware that you were part of our organization, and if they did, they did not know your function. (Just for your information, the heart, brain and reproductive organs received the highest marks.)   We understand that your function is important to the organization as a whole, but in these times of belt tightening, we have to take a good hard look at our practices and we have determined that dedicating an entire organ to the specialized job of cleaning up of red blood cells is not cost effective.   In order to trim overhead costs, we have made the decision to eliminate your position and reassign your duties to another department, a larger and more high profile organ. We understand that this news may be difficult, but you will be pleased to learn that we will provide two weeks of overtime pay during our transition period during which you will continue your daily functions while providing training to the liver, the organ to which your duties have been reassigned.   Please bring a copy of your job description and report to the liver first thing  Monday morning.

We recommend also that you take part in a creative job skills seminar, free of charge, hosted by the right brain.  In these difficult times it is important to diversify your skills in order to increase your flexibility in a competitive job market.  Please sign up quickly as space is limited, and the tonsils, vermiform appendix and the vestigial muscle palmaris longus have already reserved their spots.

Thank you for your years of loyal service, and good luck to you! 


The Management 

2 Response to "Difficult Times"

  • Larew Says:

    Is there a spot there for my uterus? I believe it would make an interesting addition to the little group you are forming.

  • Adam Says:

    Dear Adminstration

    In support of the spleen the below body parts will stage a walk-out on Dec 1st at 11 am just as you plan reaching for the rice in the pantry next to the stairs.

    The Jaw Muscles
    The Left Big and Pinky Toe
    The Right Kidney
    The gooey stuff the swishes around between the pancreas and the liver

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