My Pathology

Hypo-graphia  (AKA Grapho-phobia)

Definition:   a group of signs and symptoms common to people who have previously enjoyed and have had success at writing who suddenly and inexplicably really suck at it.

Etiology- Poorly understood.  Possibly an autoimmune disorder.  Often associated with lack of ideas, inspiration, literary impoverishment, jaded outlook, poorly fitting shoes, inability to locate cellular telephone because you turned it off and then left it in your friend's car under a pile of Dog vs Squirrel magazines, recent acquisition of jet skis or head trauma.  

Signs/Symptoms:  Sudden onset.  Gradual onset.  Characterized by exacerbations and remissions.  Often strikes at night.  Attacks often repeat with increased severity.  Sudden and extreme urges to engage in alternate activities to writing, including  but not limited to flossing, figuring out the timer on your your camera so that you can take pictures of yourself, examining yourself for moles, and Sudoku.  Course is highly variable.  Can be mild to disabling.  

Treatment:  Plagiarism for palliative treatment.  Self medication.  

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